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From single room renovation, kitchen extension to full house refurbishment or ground up new build... and everything in between; there is no project too small or too big for us.

Substantial Experience

We scrupulously selected our Supervisors from Ipoh with a minimum of 15-year experience in construction and renovation. Most of our Supervisors have 20-year of experience; these are mostly old uncles with hands on experiences in all aspect of skill sets in building's construction from ground-up. Ipoh is famous for its high-quality house-building workmanship delivered by those old-timer's uncles with their proven traditional and unique skills that were passed down during Ipoh glorious property boom in the "tin-mining" era and were improved over-time.

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Great Teamwork

Prior to the start of any project, we pre-planned and break down the project into different tasks and delegate each tasks to our team of workers with different skills and capacities. And we set a specific duration for the tasks. We need our customer to understand that some outdoor tasks may be impacted by bad weather, such as raining and thunderstorm. With this well-planned cohesiveness of teamwork, all our projects to-date have maintained a high success delivery rate of on time, on budget, on value and above satisfaction.

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Quality & Responsibility

We strive to give highest quality possible based on the requirements of our customers. This is the reason why we always quoted our customers 2 weeks longer in project completion comparing to other local competitors. During our work, we never wash and clean the leftover of cement or gypsum compound (cornice) at the toilet bowl, sink or bathing area. This is to prevent possible clogging and narrowing of the internal piping and drainage system. This is only one of our many quality practices. Contact us now to find out more.

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" We renovate, construct, extend, improve and build your dream home."

Our Story

About Us

CELLES RESOURCES is an integrated and comprehensive construction, renovation, home builders, waterproofing and waterplugging company.

All our quality Site Supervisors are from Ipoh and have at least 15 years of hands-on house building and construction experiences.

How are we different from others? As most people have known, traditional Chinese home builders (old uncles) from Ipoh are of highest quality and standards. Houses built by these old-timers rarely have complaints and these houses never have water leaking and water seeping problems. This is due to the fact that these old-timers from Ipoh have instill the quality of proven traditional house-building skills into their work.

We made our presence here in Southern Malaysia, since we discovered the poor workmanship and bad quality of houses built in Southern Malaysia, especially Melaka, Seremban and Johor.

We integrate perfectly all aspects of our customer's wants and needs into their home. Quality, attention to detail, total customer's satisfaction and long-term relationship with our customers are our commitments.

Completion of any project is just the beginning to transcend into a long term relationship with our customers where we will relentlessly help them to realize their ever improving lifestyle aspirations.

"We treat your home as ours, and we build it with careful and detailed responsibility."


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What We Do

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Construction & Renovation

We either build from scratch on a piece of empty land into a liveable home OR we provide customisation on your existing home for improvement or enhancement of your comfortability. We can even assist you to do your concrete car porch with tiling, just anything related to your home... we do!

Green Building

We build environmentally sustainable buildings and we convert existing structure of your home or building into a green building. Since latest construction market is demanding for innovative construction techniques, hence this is our company latest business involvement.

Waterproofing & Waterplugging

Whether your wall has rain water seeping into your interior that may cause your wallpaper or paint peeling off; or your roof and ceiling has water dripping down with leakage of upper floor bathroom, balcony, toilet etc... Don't worry, we can provide professional solution if waterproofing or waterplugging is what you need.

Painting & Decorating

We ensure old layer of paint, mold and stain are completely removed before we apply layers of sealer and primer on your indoor or outdoor wall. Then, we paint it with your choice of color. We make sure all painting steps are professionally executed. This is why our painting job didn't smudge with stain over-time and last longer than our competitors.

Tiling and Roofing

Be it floor-tiles or roof-tiles, we can lay them professionally. If you are looking forward for a change of your existing floor tiles to a much bigger marble tiles or your roof tiles is old and need replacement... call us now, we can do the job for you. Anything related to tiling and roofing, we are ready to help you.

Contracting & Consulting

If you are a developer and have too many projects that you can't cope with, do call us to contract it for you. We ensure you a high quality work with satisfied customers. Or if you are facing certain issues in your housing project that's relating to any of the strength of services we provided, do call us for a special consultation. Our price is reasonable.

About Us

Why Choose Us

As we have already elaborated on core values of our company principles in "Who Are We" section above. Below are further descriptions on Celles construction's key tenets. It will answer your curiosity of "Why Us?" and "Why are we different from other competitors?"

We put intimate care in our work, caring and treating our customer's home as our own. That's why we put extra human-touch and thoughfulness even when we drilling a hole between wall for air-con (inside) and compressor (outside). Why? You may ask. Well, simply because if the hole is too big, lizards or any insects can make a nest around the hole and they can come thru the hole from outside of wall into the inside of your home. And we conceal the hole nicely as it's part of the wall. This is just one of the many thoughtfulness of our caring work attitude. Call us now to find out more.

Often times, many of our customers reflected to us that we took a bit longer completion time in the job when we are compared with other competitors. We won't deny this. It's true that for the same task, we may take 2 weeks extra or longer time to finish. The reason being that we wanted to have a higher quality in delivering our work to our customers. On top of that, since we are caring and thoughtful not to wash any of the constructon materials at nearest possible bathroom or basin, we took extra precautions and extra steps to ensure our customer's interest is taken care of; that's why our quality workmanship has a slow-going but steady-pacing progression. At the end of the day, our customer will benefit from this.

Compare us with majority of other house builders, contractors and renovators; you will discover that we quote our work much lower and more reasonable than most of them. On top of having a reasonable low price, we delivered higher quality and higher standard of work compare to others. Moreover, we are thoughtful in the process of our work, where we will take all measures and precautions to protect and care-for the home of our customers, such as... we will advice customers to buy and pour anti-termites chemical first on the soil (earth) prior to concreting and cementing the floor. This is more effective for future termites prevention and this will also save customer from having drilled holes to pour anti-termites chemical on their beautiful home later.

We Are From IPOH! We Mean Quality! Your Home, Our Pride!

There are many examples that we give extra care for our customer's home, one example is... when we leveling by concealing a water drainage hole that's not needed anymore, we will pour insecticides into the drainage pipe first before we level it up, to prevent any nesting of pest in future. Or if this drainage pipe is permanently not needed, under certain circumstances, we may pour cement to permanently seal it off (although not recommended).


Happy Clients

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News :: Updates

  • 12 July 2017 ,
  • By Celles Management

Finalisation of our champion team from Ipoh.

After hands-on actual trials on a few new Chinese Ipoh builders in our progressing projects, we are finalising our team of quality Ipoh builders. We will also hand-picked and finalising on our general foreign workers.

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  • 5 November 2017 ,
  • By L.M. Chin

We have changed our raw material suppliers.

These new suppliers can deliver quality raw materials faster and at a better price.

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  • 27 December 2017 ,
  • By Celles Management

Celles Waterproofing, Waterplugging, Renovation and Construction is formed!

We have finally formed a company for handling of our ever increasing businesses in home construction and renovation. It has been properly structured and tasked by Welnergy in its formation. This already boost the confidence level of our existing customers. We wanted to say, "Thank you for your support!"

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